What Is A Sugar Calorie And How Do I Calculate It?

So, What Is, And How Do I Calculate A Sugar Calorie?

Scientifically, your body reacts to carbohydrates and sugar in the same way. In a nutshell, here’s why; carbohydrates break down into glucose in your body. Sugar also breaks down into glucose in your body. Therefore, both carbs and sugar cause the same chain reaction of events. Glucose determines insulin secretion, and insulin has a major impact on weight gain. Summing it up, its important to keep your insulin balanced and in check, and to do that you have to take into account both sugar and carbs in your diet. Because both carbs and sugar have the same impact on your body, it makes the most sense to consider them both as one entity rather than two. This is where “sugar calories” come into effect. Sugar calories are simply the combination of both the carbohydrates and sugars in a food item, and Jorge has created a formula that makes calculating, and keeping track of these sugar calories easy. The formula to calculate the “sugar calorie” of a food item is to take the carb count of an item and multiply it by 4. Its that simple. For example, the carb count of a slice of regular white bread is about 12 grams. 12 grams of carbohydrates X 4 = 48 sugar calories. There is no need to also figure out the sugar count, because its been accounted for in the sugar calorie calculation. So, rule of thumb– only read the carb count and multiply by 4. It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that you DO NOT have to count the sugar calories in NON-starchy veggies, and other protein and fat based items, of which Jorge has a comprehensive list in the book.

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